Automatic coffee machines for rental are a popular solution for fresh, hot beverages at all types of events such as weddings, parties, birthdays, conferences, corporate dinners, exhibitions and trade shows. When you invest in short-term coffee rental for an event through Coffee Machine Rental, Singapore’s largest provider of coffee machine solutions, you and your guests will have fast and efficient access to cafe style coffee at the touch of a button. Some of the other benefits from coffee machine rental through the leading coffee machine provider include instant access to all the consumables you need for the event and a convenient equipment pick up and delivery service.

Automatic coffee machines are very easy to use and any maintenance required is provided by your coffee machine hire provider. There is a wide range of automatic coffee machines available with different features for all types of events. Also, unlike manual coffee machine hire options, automatic coffee machines are cleaner, as all the processes are done internally, from grinding the beans through to adding the sweetener and creamer.

Because Coffee Machine Rental specialise in coffee machine rental for events in Singapore, they’ll also individually tailor hire packages to suit your needs and budget.


What’s included – Events (Short-term) Coffee Machine Rental

When you hire an automatic coffee machine through Coffee Machine Rental for your next private or corporate function, party or event, no prior experience handling the machine is necessary. All automatic coffee machines are simple and easy to operate so that guests can handle these with ease and no physical assistance is required. The coffee machine will dispense coffee automatically, with the only labour involved being topping up of consumables and coffee, which will be undertaken by a company technician.

The short-term coffee machine rental includes:

• Supply of the right size, fully operational automatic coffee machine to suit the number of guests to be in attendance
• Delivery, installation and step-by-step demonstration on how to use the coffee machine, as well as how it functions
• A 1kg bag or more of freshly roasted coffee beans (1kg is suitable for 100 shots, so more coffee beans will be provided for larger events)
• For manual steaming, a stainless steel milk jug can be provided
• Chocolate shaker provided for guests wanting cappuccinos
• Deliveries of any additional coffee supplies if required
• Any additional training or advice as required
• Automatic coffee machine pick-up after the event.

While the first kilogram of coffee and consumables for 100 cups will be all inclusive in the price, there will be additional costs for any other products supplied such as coffee beans, sugar, stirrers, paper cups, lids and chocolate. Any additional costs for coffee and consumables will be charged at a competitive rate.


Coffee Machine Rental vs Events Coffee Cart

There are many reasons why it’s a smarter alternative to invest in short-term coffee machine rental for events in Singapore over hiring an events coffee cart.

For example, an events coffee cart takes up far more space than a coffee machine, so the former may not be convenient for limited access events or events held in fully confined areas, such as hotels, businesses or restaurants.

With coffee machine rental, you can enjoy the benefits of premium cafe style coffee at close to half the cost of an events coffee cart. Also, as automatic coffee machines can produce freshly brewed coffee far quicker than the staff manning an events coffee cart, guests will receive their hot beverages far quicker. Another major benefit of choosing coffee machine rental over an events coffee cart is a coffee machine can be set-up and packed away much faster.


Our Rental Process

Our event rental process at Coffee Machine Rental is quick and easy. All you need to do is initially contact us to discuss your event and let us know the details including the venue, date(s) and the number of people attending. It’s also important to highlight if you’d like a coffee machine that can serve other hot beverages, such as hot chocolate. Once we understand your beverage needs, we can provide you with a list of available coffee machines for hire which would be suitable for your event, along with a quote for the cost.

After approval of the quoted price, you’ll receive the rental agreement and a 20 percent rental deposit will be required. The coffee machine will be delivered and set-up at the location outlined a day before the event. On delivery to the venue, full payment in either cash or a cheque is required.