Increase productivity in your office by hiring a coffee machine through Coffee Machine Rental. Singapore’s largest supplier of long and short-term coffee machine rental solutions, we can individually tailor a package to suit your business needs. Coffee Machine Rental has automatic coffee machines for offices of any scale that are efficient, low maintenance and produce premium hot beverages. We only source our coffee machines for hire through industry-leading manufacturers such as WMF, Caffeo, Saeco, Necta and Jura.

Our office coffee machine rental services include delivery and pick-up, beans and consumables supplies and maintenance and coffee machine training. We offer competitive rates and our minimum office coffee machine rental is one year. Our team can also provide you with back-to-back contracts if you’d like to continue with the rental after your original contract ends. For businesses experiencing growth, we are happy to upgrade your machine after your initial contract ends.

Benefits of Office Coffee Machine Rental

There is a wide range of benefits from hiring coffee machines through Coffee Machine Rental. Our automatic coffee machines are far less complicated to use than manual hire coffee machines. By having a ready supply of coffee and other hot beverages available, it helps to ensure you achieve a higher work output from your staff, as they won’t need to leave the premises to purchase these. As our office coffee machines produce hot beverages quickly, it reduces the length of time staff are away from their desks getting refreshments.

Having free hot beverages to enjoy every break also results in increased staff satisfaction and performance. Another important benefit of office machine coffee rental is reducing landfill, as staff can re-use their cups and your office kitchen will be tidier as staff making their own drinks can result in them spilling tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

Our Office Coffee Rental Plans Includes

• Rental of the right size coffee machine for the number of staff in your office with regular servicing
• Free delivery of your choice of premium, freshly roasted coffee beans
• Supply of cleaning and descaling products
• Repairs if any breakdowns occur
• Delivery and pick up of the coffee machine
• Training on how to use the machine
• Servicing undertaken by expertly trained technicians.

At Coffee Machine Rental, we supply superior quality automatic coffee machines for hire and provide regular servicing to minimise chances of breakdowns. In the unlikely event your office coffee machine stops working efficiently and can’t be fixed, we’ll replace it for you.

No hidden cost

When you sign an office coffee machine rental contract with us, there are no hidden costs. Apart from the consumables, our rental contracts are all inclusive and we are happy to supply a machine that fulfills your office requirements and budget.

How our Coffee Machine Lease Works

Our coffee machine lease is a simple and easy process, with no minimum purchase on consumables. The steps involved are highlighted below.

Step 1: We’ll assess your office needs and provide you with the specifications of the automatic coffee machine that’s best suited to your requirements. Along with the automatic coffee machine details, we’ll provide a quote for either 12 months, 24 months or 36 months, depending on the duration you choose. You’ll also receive a price list for consumables and information on the ordering process.

Step 2: Once you’ve confirmed the quote for the coffee machine and rental period, you can complete the contract details online or by phone.

Step 3: After your coffee machine rental contract is processed, we’ll then deliver your machine to your premises and install it.

Step 4: When the installation is complete, our technician will provide a comprehensive training session on machine use and maintenance.

Let’s get started
To help you decide which automatic coffee machine for rent is right for you, share with us your preferred monthly budget for machine rental and the number of staff in your office.

You’ll also need to confirm what duration you’d like the hire contract to cover and the start date of the coffee machine rental. After we have this important information, we can then assess our available inventory and come back to you with details of the right coffee machine for your rental demands, as well as a quoted price.